Need cheap Sata CD Drive to install Windows.

Hey fellas, so in the process of building my computer I overlooked one very important thing; I don't have a compatible MoBo for my CD drive...
So I come to you folks in hope of ya'll knowing if i can buy a cheap Sata Cd drive so i can install windows. Online or in-store.
In case, for those of you who may want to know, i have an Asrock Z77 pro 3.
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  1. dvd burners are like $17 on newegg, cheap enough?
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    It's no biggie: SATA DVD-burners go for around $20 online. Retail stores will probably charge more but they're widely available.
  3. If you are using Win7, you can get an ISO to match your copy here.

    Then use the USB Universal installer from Pendrive linux to boot and install windows from a flash drive(yes it can be used with Windows as well as Linux) :)

    Windows 7 ISO
    Universal Installer
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