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How to remove the swag bucks toolbar and I have click on the top wrench on the right there is no wrench on my google browser
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  1. Look in the Add/Remove section of the control panel to see if you can uninstall this toolbar.

    Settings in the current version of chrome can be access with what looks like 3 lines(not a gear)

    I just go here in the address bar of chrome

  2. You may uninstall this software at any time and with no limitations, using the standard uninstall procedures as offered with your computer's operating system or your Internet browser.

    Internet Explorer users

    Click the Start button and then select Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.
    In the list of programs, find the Swagbucks.com toolbar, select it, and click Change/Remove.
    In the control panel on Windows there is a file under Uninstall programs called Conduit Engine, this has to be removed. Most users are unable to uninstall the toolbar because this file is left behind. All they need to do is go to control panel select Conduit Engine and remove. It works every time.

    Firefox users

    In your browser menu, select Tools > Add-ons.
    Make sure the Extensions tab is selected.
    Select the Swagbucks.com toolbar.
    Click the Uninstall button.

    Chrome users

    Click on the wrench on the top-right side of the page.
    Select "Tools" in the drop-down.
    Select "Extensions".
    Click "Remove" next to the Swagbucks.com toolbar to uninstall or uncheck "Enabled" to hide the toolbar.
    Restart Chrome.

    Safari users

    Open the Finder application and browse to Applications.
    Scroll down to Toolbars and click on Swagbucks.com.
    Double-click on "Uninstall".
    Fill in the "User name & Password" and click the OK button.
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