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I'm looking to build a Gaming PC, and have so far have chosen these parts.

-Case: Corsair Obsidian Series 650d
-CPU: Intel Core i5 3570k
-Motherboard: ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77
-RAM: Corsair Vengence 1600 8GB(1x8GB) or
16GB (2x8GB)
-Video Card: ASUS GTX 660 ti DCUII 2GD5 or

I'm still after:
-Modular PSU
-1xSSD 120GB + 1xHDD 1TB or 2TB
-Optical Drive BluRay/DVD Read Write.

Please tell me what wattage you think I should be getting, a good SSD and HDD for price and Performance, and a Optical Drive as a above. Also add any opinions on it.

Much Appreciated.
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    You should definitely be changing a couple things around:

    If you do not plan on overclocking the k edition CPU/z77 motherboard is unnecessary, an i5 3470 w/an H77 would do just fine.
    If you do you should look at getting the CM Hyper 212 EVO.
    Sabertooth is a joke, and a heat trap, an Asus V-LK would do just fine and save you $100
    Get the Patriot 2x4GB 1600mhz kit: Memory: Patriot Gamer 2 Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory ($47.98 @ NCIX US)
    You can with these savings easily get an 7970 which is 20% faster than the 670 and 40%+ faster than the 660ti plus Asus cards are overpriced, you should be looking at Gigabyte which may cool better in some cases and will save you a massive chunk of change.

    You should be looking at the CX600m for a PSU
    Samsung 840 120gb ssd is the best for the money right now
    Optical Drive: LG GH24NS95 DVD/CD Writer ($15.30 @ Newegg)
  2. Overclocking? Budget? Monitor resolution? Country of origin? Plan on SLI?
    Here's what I see from the start:
    -Case is pretty expensive, but if you really like it then its fine.
    -Sabertooth's thermal armor is a gimmick and costs a lot. Grab a standard ~$130 Z77 board like the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 or Asus P8Z77-V LK
    -Grab 2x4gb for RAM. It will be dual-channel, meaning that there will be double the bandwidth and run faster. 8gb is enough for gaming.
    -For a single card, grab the Corsair CX600M. Semi-modular (all cables are modular except the 24pin and 4/8pin cpu connector). If you're willing to spend a bit more, you could get a better quality psu like the Corsair TX650M. Much better quality than the CX.
    -If you plan to SLI, grab a 750W like the XFX 750w.
    -Do you really need a optical drive?
  3. - Replace the motherboard with either a ASRock Z77 Extreme 4, ASRock Z77 Extreme 6, or an Asus P8Z77-V LK. Newegg is having a combo special with the Asus board and your CPU for only $299.98. Much cheaper than buying them separately.
    - For gaming, 8GB RAM is enough. I would dual channel with 2x4GB instead of 1x8GB.
    - GTX 670 is obviously better than the 660 Ti.
    - If you must get a modular PSU, the Corsair AX750 is a good choice. 750W is more than sufficient.
    - SSD, I'd go for the Samsung 840 120GB. HDD - Seagate Barracuda or Western Digital Black. As for storage size, that's up to you.
    - If you need a Blu-Ray drive, the LG WH14NS40 is great. I have it and love it. Otherwise, save some money and get the Lite-On iHAS124-04. I also have that one and it works. Given how rarely I use it, it's perfect for the price.
    - Lastly, you may want to consider a cooler. Noctua NH-D14 or Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO.
  4. Thanks everyone! Much appreciated for the support!
  5. The case is a bit over kill for a Gaming Machine. Now if you were doing an Enthusiast Machine with full water cooling that case would be great but I personally like small cases for gaming machines because they are portable and can be hooked up to my TV. In the end it all depends on what you like.

    Be careful with that Mobo they tend to overheat the south bridge. I wish they used a heat pipe like they did in the Maximus V. In fact I would suggest you get a Maximus V if you can afford it.
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