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So I recently built a new computer and currently only have a 128 GB SSD. I'm wanting to buy a 1 TB seagate HDD and don't exactly understand what to do when I get it and if the two drives will work together. I'm wanting to have my OS and a few games / some software but other then that I want the rest on the HDD. Is this even possible? If so, how can I set this up once I get an HDD? Also my SSD is in ACHI mode. Thanks guys.
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  1. It simple.turn off your pc and unplug it from the wall so the mb will drain off all power. Connect the new hard drive to an open sing Sata port and connect Sata power cable to it.power on the pc go into the bios check that the drive shows up in the bios. When you launch windows the drive may show up with a new drive letter already. If not you use windows disk managemt and format and set the new drive up. For installing programs and games you have to click on custom install and point the installer to the hard drive.
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    Yes, it's quite possible. This is exactly the way many people recommend an SSD be set up.

    1. Install Windows to SSD (AHCI is the proper mode for the SSD and won't cause a problem with the HDD)
    2) plug in HDD, boot to SSD and format HDD (right-click Computer > Manage > Disk Management)
    2a. after formatting you may need to re-arrange drive letters to make the storage drive "D". In disk management you can change drive letters, first move whatever's taking up D then move the new HDD To D, and move everything else as you see fit
    3) point Documents, Music, Pictures, etc folders to HDD

    Create target folders on HDD Open Explorer, look at the left-hand pane under Libraries. For each library, click the arrow to expand and right-click on "My documents", "My pictures," etc, in turn. Go to Properties and then go to the Location tab. Select Move and point each library to the appropriate folder on the D drive.

    For Downloads, similar instructions except Downloads shows up under Favorites and in Properties you'll see a "Shortcut" tab. In that tab under "target" type in the new path
  3. Steam now lets you setup more than one game library too now to make your like more easy if you have games that do not need SSD speed :)

    The above poster(smorizio) has you covered. Its all just about picking what you want to install. You can move a program or game by using a Junction as well.
  4. Although all of your answers helped me, I picked SchizTech as the best solution because it was fairly detailed and helped me the most :C Thanks !
  5. Here's extra info about fixing things up after you move the default library locations:

    Well I noticed one thing there: you're looking under your user. I just checked there in my own system and found similar "duplicates." These weren't just copies though because Windows retained the links to the original folders in my User account (C:/Users/Username/) even though they weren't in use and posted the new Docs, Music, Pictures libraries as well (stored in D:\Documents, D:\Music, etc). I hadn't realized these were there because I wasn't in the habit of browsing that way: I usually either clicked under "Libraries" or browsed the D: drive in computer.

    I was able to delete the original copies located in C:/Users without complaint from Windows. As to the other copies you have I'm not sure how they got there now but what happens when you try to delete them?

    From another thread I participated in here:
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