Radeon 6850 Video cards Won't Xfire with Bridge.

So i recently got my hands on a second Radeon 6850 to crossfire for gaming and such but whenever i have both Cards in with the XFire bridge my computer refused to start properly unless i got into safe mode(BSOD at Login screen ATIDMSG.sys is the issue(something like that)) I've uninstalled, re-installed drivers like a mad-man and even though I've read through about 10 articles relating to this issue nothing seems to be working for me.

I have performed stability tests on both cards in single GPU setup(one card in the system at a time) and with both GPUs in the system without a XFire bridge. Both GPU's without bridge seems to work perfectly fine but I'm unable to activate XFire.

I searched for 12.10 drivers to see if it was a 13.1 driver issue but i couldn't locate any that came form a reliable source. I check the Bios versions on both cards one card is Bios Version
and the recently acquired one is

I am running adequate power to the cards with a 400 watt dedicated Power-supply for the cards only. and a 650 watt power supply for the rest of my system.

Here is a picture to see what i have.

That is everything i can think of that would be needed posting.

Please help, its annoying that i bought this card for crossfire and can't even Xfire it....(Not a bridge issue) Also the high temp on my vide card is b/c i was running a Cryptocurrency miner.
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  1. one problem you have is the motherboard has 1 16x slot ant the other is a 4x slot. Even if you do get crossfire working you are going to get poor performance and stuttering because of this. I used to have 2 x 6850's and about a month after acquiring a second one I sold them both due to performance issues and stuttering in some games, and that was with 2 8x pcie3 slots. My single gtx660 offers a much smoother playing experience. I suggest you do something similar, sell both cards, get a faster single card.
  2. Ok well really one card will be running 24/7 CryptoCurrency mining while the other will be dedicated to running all gaming activities and such.

    for a little While i had the issue fixxed(I reinstalled windows and drivers and such)

    but just today the issue came back up after doing minor mainanace on my computer case(I ahd to unplug everything) and i REALLY don't want to re-install all those updates again so...yea any ideas?
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