How to bypass windows 7 admin password

I need to get admin rights or somehow bypass the password of my windows 7 admin account. Only account with admin privileges. I tried using a program called spower, which your meant to burn to a USB and then boot the computer off the USB and reset the password. However when I press f12 to boot off another device and press enter on USB nothing happens and it just boots normally.

I am running windows 7 64bit

Does anybody know any other way to bypass the password? Any other program that is perhaps easier to use? Or how to exactly boot off the USB.

Sorry I am not the best when it comes to anything to do with software.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Hi,
    We do not provide assistance in password recovery or any kind of hacking.
  2. Contact the maker, or take it too a shop IF you can prove that you own it. We have no idea who's machine you're trying to break into.

    Pretty off to forget it when you need access to the admin account to do just about everything and would CONSTANTLY be typing it in to install or modify things.
  3. If you read the rules at the top of the forum, you will see that we cannot respond to these kinds of questions.
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