Looking to build £400 pc uk

I'd like to build myself a pc used for moderate gaming and general usage and have tried to compile a list together so would really appreciate someone to take a look and most likely change it. Here's the list. http://www.ebuyer.com/lists/list/168769
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  1. Go onto Pc Partpicker its can help find things cheaper.
  2. 1. Socket FM2 chip and a BGA FT1 board with APU soldered in *are not* compatible @@
    2. 400 quid off ebuyer (suggested)
  3. Hi M-mullan!

    Take a look at the site in my signature.

    It shows the list of the computer parts that you will need according to a specified budget. Change the country in the country-picker to UK to show the prices in pounds.

    Mouse-hovering over the parts will show you their descriptions and clicking on the parts will take you to the e-store.
  4. Thanks for your replies guys
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