Intel i5 idle temp at 57-61C?

Hey guys my Lynnfield i5 idle temp is at 57-61C is that a cause for worry? The room temp is at around 33-35C in the afternoon. And my case has 5 fans but it doesn't seem to keep my cpu temp down? btw im using the stock intel fan for my cpu. Should i get an aftermarket cooler instead? :)
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  1. Yikes. Idle should be 30-35C. Definitely get an aftermarket cooler. It'll probably be quieter and give people idle temps. I'd hate to see what load temps are.
  2. Oh no :( okay thanks :) what are the brands i should look for when i get an aftermarket cooler? :)
    My load temps are at 70-85C :(
  3. For $30, Cooler Master Evo can not be beat.
  4. Okay i'll look for that :D thanks :) oh but the fans look quite heavy? won't they break the mobo or something? some of the fans I've seen look quite big.
  5. The Evo isn't that heavy. Trust me, compared to most good coolers. And don't worry,all motherboards can support the weight. If you are worried then I'd suggest water cooling but that is expensive.
  6. The fans aren't heavy but the heatsinks are. Its safe.
  7. Ohh I see :) thanks again :D
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