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Hi I am thinking of which graphic card to go for my new computer. I can´t decide between MSI R7950-2PMD3GD5/OC Radeon HD (228E)
SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7870 XT w/Boost which is 30euro cheeper (196E)
which one is price wise? and anyone know the power consumption of MSI one because I was looking at sapphire and its around 135W idle & 350in heavy load but wasn´t able to find some better tests of power consumption for MSI just max load 200W but that doesn´t seem to be right or? :) thx for answers
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  1. The MSI will be really loud. That said, the 7950 will be a better card... power draw on the sapphire will be about the same as the MSI.
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    7870 XT. There is no real discernible difference between both the 7950 and the 7870 LE. The 7870 XT isn't a regular 7870, it actually has the GPU from the 7950 implanted onto basically a modified 7870 PCB (Meaning it has 2GB vram and 256 memory interface). If you're gaming at 1080p the 2GB doesn't even matter, and it has been shown in reviews that the 7870 LE is most of the time 1-2 frames slower, which can easily be made up with overclocking.

    Not to mention, the 7870 LE has a better cooler than the 7950 you suggested, which has a reference cooler. Have you seen the reference 7950 cooler? Damn that thing is LOUD.,3207-12.html

    Also, probably the reason you found different wattage uses, is because some websites have different rigs (Some people use hugely expensive i7 3970x, while some other websites use things like i5 3570k's), and because people measure them differently. Some websites measure only the GPU wattage, while others measure total system wattage.
  3. okay tyvm :) yup I know about that sapphire I was just curious how 384bit(7950) card would do in comparsion to same cutted chip :)
  4. the 7870xt is not the same card... they've reduced the memory bus width on it, it's basically right in the middle between an 7870 and an 7950 in performance. overclocked it will be about the same as a 7950.

    The 7950 however will overclock well beyond that performance.

    That said, there is a good reason why the 7870xt and 7950 are the price/performance kings of the high end gpus. Nothing comes close to their performance for the cash, and you'll be thrilled with both cards. And yes, that 7950 will sound like a vacuum cleaner. it will be stupid loud.
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