Radeon 7970 Crash Black screen when Gaming

Im using a radeon 7970 Gpu with windows 8 and the latest amd drivers and whenever I use my gpu for gaming my pc screen will go black and the audio will become frozen. It remains in that state until i hard boot it. I have tried underclocking it and have tried the furmark test. At 85 Celsius it will just crash, i have noticed that my fan only goes to 50 % at that stage so cooling could be the cause. I am using a n 1000w psu so I dont think there are any errors related to power. I just completed installing a new windows 8 onto a new hard disk and before that my Gpu encountered no errors but i do not know how this is OS related.
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Win8 pro
Amd Radeon 7970
Intel i5 3570k
8gb Kigston Ram
1000w PSU
Asrock z77 Extreme 6 mobo
Accelero Extreme 7970 gpu fan
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  1. You said you have all the updated graphics updates..I can assume you have all the windows 8 updates? And what is your voltage for the card being your hitting 85c with an underclock?
  2. Download msi afterburner or a gpu fan speed program and set a new fan profile. At 60c in gaming you want the fan to be maxed out at 100 percent.
  3. yeah i have the Amd catylst software where i max out the fan and underclock the gpu but it still raises to 85c however when i used my old hdd (os) it was fine
  4. Was your old one an ssd and the new one mechanical?
  5. Nope , the old one was SATA 2 250gb West D and the new on 500gb WD SATA 3 if that makes a difference to the GPU
  6. If this makes any difference I havent activated windows as I only have the upgrade Key (my old HDD had win 7) it will be activated on monday
  7. Yea I remember windows 7 would have a reduced functionality mode if you don't activate it..don't know the specifics..maybe it doesn't run direct x properly...but again you said you lowered you clock what about your voltage cos voltage has a lot to do with temp?
  8. No I don't think the voltage was lowered however it is a new radeon 7970 so I don't know y it should have any heat/voltage errors?
  9. Im going to do a full reinstall of windows 8 today :) hopefully itll work
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