do I need to plug ATX 6-pin power connector from PSU to MB?

I've my GPU plugged to the PSU with a 8-pin and a 6-pin connector
but there's this 6-pin slot which the MB's Manual describes as "used to provide power to the graphic card" i can plug one of my PSU's 6-pin connector to it but i donno
do I have to?
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  1. From what I have read about it. It provide better cable routing. I might be wrong but it looks like you can either plug a 6 pinn into your gpu or just the motherboard to power the gpu.
  2. no, just plug the cpu 4/8pin power connector and leave the other one and only if the pc does not boot then use the other connector, i believe the 6pin for gpu's on the motherboard is for multiple cards that dont use pci connectors from the power supply
  3. That is for using 2 or more GPU's at once and is just there for adding extra power to the cards. It is not need if you are only using one GPU.
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