intel Pentium G2020 good for gaming?

I'm building a gaming pc for my father and he is currently playing mw2 on celeron 1.80 ghz no lag low settings I was planning to buying a G2020 2.90ghz would that play mw2 at least on meduim settings?

Celeron 1.80 ghz
750gb HD
Motherboard ph61-p33
550 watt power supply
Ati radeon hd 5450 graphics
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  1. Sometimes I wonder why Tom's does articles...,3106.html

    Other than upcoming hardware, there's not much else to discuss from Intel this month. As usual, prices remain steady with the exception of a $20 drop on the Pentium G2120 and a $5 reduction on the G2020, neither of which are processors that I would consider to be good options for gaming.

    By upgrading in small increments, you're wasting more money than you would if you just got an i3 off the bat. The 5450 is probably holding you back as well.
  2. But will the processor have in increase in gaming experiance?
    And let me play mw2 on meduim settings?
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    A little bit. I would save up and get a i5 or amd fx 8350. With the new consoles the optimization for threading might go up. It's not worth it. Really you should just save up and get a whole new computer, wait a few moths until haswell comes out and an i5 3570 or i5 2500 will be cheaper, wait until the hd 8xxx or GTX 7xx and the hd 7xxx and GTX 6xx will be cheaper.
  4. Captain-Price_ZA said:
    But will the processor have in increase in gaming experiance?
    And let me play mw2 on meduim settings?

    Gaming is more dependent on the graphics card, but if your processor is too weak, your graphics card will be held back.

    That's why we're telling you to save up in order to upgrade both at the same time. Upgrading just one or the other won't net you any real performance gains.
  5. Thx for all the help my pc is an i5 with 6770 graphics card this pc is only
    For my dad to play at night got all the parts from my friends
    So just cpu is weak the G2020 is on special for R500 so thought I'd
    Buy that but thx for the replys and the pc is probably fine playing
    On the celeron right now on low so ill leave it like that the pc is only
    To play over weekends on 1 or 2 games.
  6. intel g2020+ati 7750 buy this you will be able to play battlefield 3 and all new games
    sell these old one add some money
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