Do i need a PC cooler?

I am buying amd a10 5800k and no graphics card at the moment.
I am not going to overclock it and use it just for 1-2 hrs.daily.
Do i need an external cooler or the stock one will do?
And by the way will games like Assassins creed 3 ,crysis farcry run on it without overclocking??As it is an APU it should........
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  1. The stock cooler will work ok. All the games will run @ stock settings BUT not on any ULTRA/high settings.
  2. Well of course the stock cooler will work fine, AMD wouldn't send a cpu cooler that won't work well enough.... If you're not overclocking, and you install the cooler correctly, you shouldn't worry about temperatures. (Unless you live in a place that is stupid hot)
    The biggest issue will be noise, those AMD coolers can be pretty noisy sometimes, and if you have an extra 20 bucks you might as well buy a near-silent cooler from coolermaster or another company.
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