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Hello everyone:

Thanks for reading this and thanks for the help.

I'm considering upgrading my motherboard and CPU. My concern is if I need to purchase a new OS or can do the upgrade without re-installing Windows 7.

The computer I'm upgrading had Vista Ultimate 64 retail version installed after a build 5 years ago. A year or two ago I purchased the retail version of Windows 7 Professional and upgraded the OS.

If I swap out a new mobo, CPU, RAM and video card, will I need to re-install Vista and the upgrade or is it possible to do a system backup, then restore to keep all my settings?

I'd hate to have to buy another OS or lose all my current settings and files. I vaguely recall called Microsoft before buying the Windows 7 Professional Upgrade to find out if it would allow me to continue using Windows 7 if I upgraded the system.

Thanks for your help. If it can be done, any suggestions and how to make the upgrade as smooth as possible would be appreciated.
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  1. You are good.
    Your upgrade is retail, and that entitles you to move it to a new pc(aka motherboard)

    If you want to do a clean install from your retail dvd that is possible.
    You can run windows easy transfer to export your files and settings to a external or other device and re import them after a clean install.
    Apps will need to be reinstalled. I might suggest that this may be a good time to convert your os to running on a ssd. 120gb will do it.

    If your cpu change is intel to intel, then you have a good chance that you will be able to boot into windows with your current os. If you can, then all you need to do is to install the drivers that will come with your new motherboard. I have done this successfully, about 5 out of 6 times, failing only once, when trying to convert a amd x2 to ivy bridge.
  2. OK 1st the good news is you have RETAIL versions. Now if you bought win-7 upgrade ONLY & installed that on top of vista the license is only for that. So a "clean" os install with your disks is Install vista & register it & then install win-7 upgrade & register that. You will need both KEYS. If you bought win-7 pro retail NOT (upgrade) a "clean" install would be just that disk & key alone. I would go ahead & install new mobo & cpu and see if it will boot FIRST maybe it might work. Microsoft doesn't like new components in their computer.
  3. Actually, you can do a clean install with windows upgrade media.
    google " clean install upgrade media windows 7"
    It will get you to . The site is not available now, or I would have posted a link.
    No need for a vista reinstall.
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