Radeon 7750 Woes

Hello all,
I decided to upgrade my gateway dx4300 that came with a HD4650 to a HD7750. This is where the problems started! After first install of drivers, booted to login - with horizontal bars, able to log in then screen goes blank.

Things I've tried in various sequences:
-Upgraded stock PSU to a 500w
-Driversweeper all old drivers in safe mode
-Device Manager disable, uninstall drivers
-Ran latest version of catalyst for HD7*** series
-Updated BIOS
-Disabled integrated graphics (*windows does still autoinstall this ATI 3200 on startup)

Despite my (amateur) best efforts, I'm running in circles between booting through the card in safe mode (which works) then back to normal - which goes blank after log in. Log in btw is done pretty blindly, press enter and type in password behind obstructed/artifact view.

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  1. replace that gpu
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