Core i5 3570K overclocking stabilty and temp questions

I have some questions about overclocking.

May be i managed to stable my 3570k CPU @ 4.5 ghz @ 1.160v. Is my input voltage OK? I'm using a AsRock z77 Extreme 4 Mainboard.

I did test my stability with prime 95 for full 14 hours blend, I didn't find any errors and what so ever everything was ok. Highest temp was @ 74c average temp was 69c.

I did test with Intel Burn test in Very High and Maximum stress test mode 3/4 times also. PC was stable. My highest temp was 83c. That was the highest temp i got from all test.

Im using a Cooler Master Hyper 412S with InWin Mana 136 Case with all 5 Cooler Master Xtra Flow chassis fan all in auto mode.

BTW, my LLC is in AUTO mode and Im using a Sea Sonic X560 Series PSU.

So all I need to know the voltage i put and the temp im getting, is it good to go for 24/7 OC? From all these tests do you guys thing I've achieved a stable 4.5 ghz overclocked CPU?

Thank you.
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  1. I would think you are OK.
    In normal usage, you will not ever run continuously at 4.5 on all 4 cores.
    If you have enabled speedstep, you will run at 1.6 whenever there is little to do.
  2. Looks good congrats.
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    You're really lucky to have a stable 4.5 GHz OC @ 1.16! My 3570K needs 1.29 at 4.5 GHz.

    And everything's good. Your temps are fine, and it looks like you're stable. Congrats!
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