I want this Motherboard but need your help, so help please

Basically I was suggested this Motherboard for a Hackintosh but when I searched on Amazon I could find this


The only weird thing is that I'm new to Motherboards and don't know if it's the official version, I mean it has an SKT at the start, what does that mean?

And can I buy from this link ?

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  1. SKT-1155 means socket 1155. The model number is Z77X-UD5H. You can buy from Amazon or from other UK sites if you prefer. You may be able to find it for less at other sites:




    Check the total cost delivered to your door and then decide which site is best for you. You probably are familiar with UK sites and which ones are the best.
  2. Thank you so much for replying sir, I was gonna buy from Amazon because I'm going to be installing the CPU on the motherboard for the first time and if I bend it then I'm finished lol Amazon are very good with their refunds even if there is a problem from our side
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