Best graphics card based on these games?

Based on benchmarks and price range I basically narrowed it to 7950, 670, or 7970, was wondering which gpu would be optimal for these games to get 60fps on Ultra settings with AA at 1900x1080, single monitor.

Shogun 2 + Rome 2
Planetside 2
Skyrim (hd textures/mods)

Will not be overclocking initially, maybe after i get more comfortable with it. I have already purchased a intel 3570k cpu and Asus P8Z77-V LK mobo.
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  1. I don't know too much about AMD, but I know SLI will work well. 1 GPU is not better than 2 1/2's of that GPU if that makes sense.
  2. the 7950 boost/gigabyte windforce edition is close in performance to the 7970

    the windforce is a good one to go for because it has 3 fans it can be easily overclocked without worrying about heat.

    best not to go with sli/crossfire as you can get problems with microstuttering and it doesnt work so well in some games.

    better to go for a single graphics card.

    plus the fact that most of the low-mid range motherboards dont have enough x16 slots and they go down to x8 when you use two or more pci-e cards
  3. 8x lanes aren't going to bottleneck you. Even pci-e 2.0 8x lanes. My gtx titan can't even tell the difference on an 8x lane so i doubt a 7970 will.
  4. That being said i'd say a 7950 or a 7970 would be best for single gpu solution. If looking to do multiple gpu's then i'd go nvidia since from what i've seen they seem to fair better.
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    the 7970 is the best gpu listed, though i'd go with the aforementioned 7950 boost/gigabyte windforce edition... it will overclock up to the 7970, and be the most quiet card you can get.

    As to your question, you won't be able to tell any difference in ANY of those titles with any of the gpus you listed. All those titles are CPU bound. which means the cpu will be the bottleneck in the system.

    Good thing for you, the i5-3570k is the best gaming cpu you can get, so overclocking that baby will give you a boost of fps in all those titles.
  6. So for higher fps i should focus on overclocking the cpu? Also, is the difference in core clock between sapphire 7950 (850 mhz) and gigabyte (900 mhz) significant, or will it not matter if im overclocking anyway?
  7. If this is essentially a build in preparation for Rome 2 (like mine), then I think CPU is the priority because the game is optimised that way. You've kind of got the CPU bit nailed already with the 3570k (also like me), so i'd say get whichever card is cheapest on the day because its not like you're going to struggle with any of them.
  8. Some good branded 670. Like EVGA FTW or Asus TOP.
  9. +1 get a gtx 670. The evga ftw has the pcb of a gtx 680 and is a very good overclocker. At stock clocks it is just a few frames slower than a 7970.
  10. Any of the cards would work just fine. If I had to choose myself i'd look at some other factors. Such as size of the card, how quiet it runs at, what temperature it runs at.
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