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Windows 7 won't load past 'Starting Windows' screen

Last response: in Windows 7
April 21, 2013 1:13:26 PM


I was using the computer today and it crashed. Not a very unusual occurence as was playing Fallout New Vegas which is very buggy. However, this time, when I re-started the pc, the screen went black (with a white pointer) after the 'Starting WIndows' Screen and nothing else happened.

Have spent the day googling websites and have tried a lot of different things but still can't get to the bottom of it. I have a 64 bit installation of Windows 7 home.

So, onto diagnosis:

I have dual monitors and both are working. I can see the 'starting windows' screen on both and have also connected them to my laptop and tested - they were fine.

I have the OS installed on an SSD which is picked up when looking at the BIOS. It was also picked up with a version of Windows 7 when I ran the Windows boot disk.

When I turn on the computer, the POST runs fine, no issues are detected and it then alerts me that it failed to shut down properly the last time. When I select to continue as normal, the 'Starting Windows' screen comes on and then I get a black screen with a white cursor. I have left this for nearly three hours and it went no further. I have rebooted a number of times and had the exact same issue each time. I have also tried to boot in safe mode and again, exact same problem.

I ran the Windows recovery disk. It identified the OS but no issues. I then tried Restore to a previous version. This ran, but when it restarted my pc, back to the original issue again. I have tried to fix the boot drive using the command prompt along with a number of other suggested fixes. I've tried 'Using Last Known Good Configuration' - again, it started running and hung for half an hour. Restarted the pc and again, same issue.

Now, i'm not quite sure what else to try. I have tried to upgrade the version of Windows (so I can keep the files) but it tells me to restart the pc withouth the cd as normal and then insert the cd and run it. This obviously doesn't work as I can't run the pc as normal. The final step I guess is to completely re-install windows and lose whatever is on the drive but I haven't backed up everything.

Any ideas? I'm assuming this is a Windows issue rather than a hard drive issue but amn't too sure.


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April 21, 2013 1:21:12 PM

Did you try and go into safe mode?
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