Is this a good rig for over clocking?

Hey Guys,

I am looking at buying the following component with the view of doing a bit of Oc'ing and wanted some expert opinions on whether you foresee any issues?

Motherboard:Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H

CPU: Intel Core i7 3770K

Memory: Corsair Vengeance LP 1600 MHZ 2 x 8gb packs

PSU: Corsair AX850 Fully Modular 80W Gold

CPU Cooler: Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E

I am not MASSIVELY in to Oc'ing but was going to aim for around 4.4 to 4.5Mhz and wondered if anyone thinks if I will quite easily achieve this, without temps becoming an issue?

All this will be going in to a Cooler Master 690 II case. And will this be a good upgrade from my Core i7 930 on the Gigabyte X58-UD3R with 12gb of Corsair Vengeance. This is currently clocked at 3.8ghz from the stock 2.8.

I am just wanting some opinions please on the above components as they are winging there way to me this week, but if someone really thinks any of the components listed above are a mistake, or I won't see enough of a difference between my current rig and this new one to not warrant an upgrade, then please tell me and I will press the cancel button!!

Many thanks!!!
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