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ok so recently my wired internet connection drops every 30 seconds or so for about 5 seconds then it comes back up. No lights on the modem change and the icon on the bottom right of my screen states the internet is still connected. I know the internet has disconnected as all skype calls freeze, i loose connection from my league of legends game and videos/streams freeze and im unable to browse the internet for about 5 seconds then it is all reconnected. Its not my Ethernet lead or phone line in my room as i have tested the computer in another room with a new lead and phone line, and the problem still persists. The same problem happened with my previous computer but hadn't happened with my new computer untill a few days ago. Im not sure if its computer hardware/software related ( doubt it since it happened with my old computer and this computer is about 2 months old) i tried connecting a laptop using wired connection and it seemed fine ( which i dont understand). The wireless connections on the laptops also seem fine. I phoned My internet provider and they did a line test and said everything was ok. Ive changed the filters on the phone line and the router. Im completely baffled on what the problem could be. The connection is perfectly fine in the morning and afternoon but i seem to encounter this problem at around 6pm untill the next morning where everything is okay again. Anybody have any suggestions or solutions to my problem?
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  1. Your router/switch/hub may be overheating. Just simply touch your router/switch/hub if its really warm. If thats so then it is overheating and dropping or resetting connections.

    Its the summer time, my router kept overheating every hour or so, what i did is opened it up and put a heatsink on the main chip. or hottest chip if you are unsure which is the main chip in yours.
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