what brand is better for my GPU?

I am about to buy a R7950, but i don't know which brand is better between sapphire, msi twin frozr, and gigabyte tri-force, i am overclocking and i dont care about the price differences.
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  1. also the xfx double d
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    I have always had good luck with ASUS and MSI i am not sure which is best.But my son has Sapphire 7950 VaporX and really enjoys it. Sapphire's HD 7950 Vapor-X comes with a large dual-fan cooler that uses the company's famous vapor-chamber technology. On the Vapor-X you will also find a "Lethal Boost" button which switches to a second BIOS with higher clock speeds. With this BIOS, clocks are increased to 950 MHz GPU and 1250 MHz memory.
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