Acer Aspire 5742Z Alt f10 does't Work

I have an Aspire 3 yrs od where I got the message "A disk read error occurred. Press ctrl+alt+dl to restart". It had been running really slow and then the next morning it wouldn't boot up and I got this message. So it goes through this on and on like a loop. I am told to use alt f10 when I see the Acer logo at startup, but when I do it, it either ignores my alt f10 or it gives me a blinking cursor and then the disk read error message. Am I up the creek? Is the hard drive toast? I know just enough about this stuff to get by, but thishs me clueless. Any ideas?
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  1. if your hard drive is faulty then you wont be able to use alt + f10 to get to the recovery partition

    you should have used erecovery to make restore dvds so if you replace the hard drive you use the dvds
  2. I backed up my laptop periodically onto a portable hard I am not so worried about losing data except for the last few days. I just don't know how to access the recovery partition if alt f10 isn't working. Th last error message I got said I need a recovery disk which of course I don't think I ever made. So is that the bottom line, I need a recovery cd? I doubt that is something Acer provides as a download. Very frustrating because yesterday alt f10 worked and then it took me to the recovery menu and then I cancelledwhen I saw that I would losemy existing data. I then looked at my backup, sawit had nearly everything and decided I was ok with recovery back to original state and nowit won't even let me get that far. Crazy!
  3. check in the bios and see if your hard drive is recognised

    if so

    did it ask for a recovery disc?

    or a repair disc? this one would be my guess

    assuming you are using windows 7

    far as i am aware you can legally download the version appropriate to your laptop and use it as a repair disc

    since you will have a genuine key on your laptop
  4. Actually the last message said I needed a boot disk. When I go to the BIOS, it looks the HD is recognized and lists it first in the boot order.
  5. Now I can't see to figure out how to get to that error message again. Just goes to either blue screen or the disk read error message. I read some places that these issues are just a problem with communication between the HD and the OS and that the HD is likely good. But not sure what to do. Would a boot disk help? How to create a boot disk? Ready to throw the computer off the roof or use it for target practice.
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