Does modifying GPU fan speed via software breach warranty?


Just wanted to confirm that changing fan settings, and nothing else, through a program like MSI AB does not make a warranty void or voidable. I have PNY XLR8 560 ti. On PNY's site it mentions something about modifying fans would void it but I assume this is if you remove the fan that came with the card, and is not referring to creating custom fan profiles and the like...
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  1. i would imagine they mean modifying the fans or heatsink physically

    they probably even provide software to modify or make fan speed profiles
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    Yes removing the fan(s) or installing aftermarket cooling or installing a water loop is the sprit of voiding the warranty. They couldn't tell if you cooked their card with afterburner or not as long as the card was never taken apart.
  3. If you mean going into Afterburner and setting a fan profile, no, not in the slightest. If you mean hotgluing 29 fans onto your card, then yea probably.
  4. modifying anything regarding about a fan through software will not void your warranty.

    You only void your warranty when you do something physically to it.
  5. thanks for the info
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