Problem with new GTX 650 - PLEASE HELP

I just purchased this card and tried to install it in my new Tower. The Tower only had a 200Watt PSU so i just had to go out and buy a 400Watt PSU, The card is installed and it gives me no picture on my Screen when its on...Now if i unplug the 6pin cord from the GPU and turn the computer on, i can hear the GPU fan kick on and off...but when the cord is plugged into the gpu it makes no sound at all and gives me no picture either way...Ive uninstalled the Gfx from the OEM 620 geforce card, But that still works when i swap cards, What in the dog is going on. Ive been trying to make this work since yesterday! PLEASE HELP!
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    make and model of the psu?
  2. Hey somehow it started working,,,I turned the computer on and left and went to subway...When i came home it was working, So thanks anyway!
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