My PC won't turn on after it abruptly shut down

My monitor went black but the sound still playing while I watching youtube then about a minute my PC shuts itself down and won't turn on ever since. Short power pin on m/b didn't help either.

I then tried to do a suggested troubleshooting that has been posted here somewhere. Using a paper clip to turn on PSU, its fan is running. Then I'm using multimeter to measure the voltage. I can't see the wire color though since they're all black(Seasonic X750) so, I assume all 24pin are the same and using online image as a reference. The green wire was about 3V or something, the purple was 5V and the rest didn't give me anything(or maybe I'm doing it wrong).

Do you think my PSU is dead or there's other possibilities? I'm only using it for just 2 days.
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  1. Its hard to arrive at a conclusion right away. But here are some plausible culprits.

    -motherboard died, due to heat from overclocking or one of its components didnt last as long as it should be.
    -PSU problem
    -with that new (i dont mean modern, but brand spanking fresh from the store) of a hardware, it should not be a surprise if one component suffers an infant death. or early death. just RMA.
  2. What a bad luck. I prey that m/b is still alive tho :(

    So, for now I should RMA the PSU first, correct?

    I never RMA before. From what it's said on RMA's Seasonic site, "For Repair/Replacement items, please DO NOT ship any manuals, cables, adapter or any other accessories. We will not be responsible for returning these items." Does that mean I should send just the PSU without any cables at all(since it's a full modular)? I mean there's a chance that a cable can be bad as well,right? They aren't going to check them at all?
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    Yeah, because there is no way of you knowing which component is the culprit unless you know exactly that the PSU isnt the problem.

    You'd have to ask from which where you bought the unit from on what to send or do for an RMA.

    If you bought it from a store and they say that they need the full package then thats what you're gonna have to do.

    RMA procedures vary from which store or method you bought it from.
  4. Ah, I see. Thanks for the advise.
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