Corsair 430W vs Tauro 500W vs OCZ 500W vs XFX 450W for HD 7770 GPU

Corsair 430W - Corsair 430W Builder Series CX 80+ Bronze ATX Power Supply
Tauro 500W - XIGMATEK 500W Tauro 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply
OCZ 500W - OCZ Technology 500W CoreXStream Series Power Supply
XFX 450W - XFX 450W ProSeries 80Plus Bronze Core Edition Full Wired PSU

HD7700 - Sapphire Technology AMD Radeon 7770 HD 1GB PCI-Express 3.0 HDMI

I've been looking for a Power Supply Unit for 2 days, and my budget can only afford 1 of those plus a HD 7770 GPU, I've heard excellent review on Cx430, because of the 80+bronze, but I don't know about the others review, it looks like to have a 500W PSU is safer to run HD 7770 GPU, and those Tauro or XFX maybe closer to the 500W and the price is cheap and they have 80+ bronze, I really need to know how you people choose for your PSU... I wish I have enough money so I don't have to pick for the cheapest.

I still can borrow 20 bucks from my friend and try to get a CX500, but I heard that there isn't much different in CX430 and CX500, let's focus on if I don't have the money, which one should I choose.
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    The XFX 450W is almost certainly the best of those PSUs. The Corsair CX430 is decent. OCZ CoreXStream PSUs are a mixed bag at best, and the same applies to Xigmatek in general.

    Edit: The XFX 450W has 34 amps on the 12V rail, which matches the Corsair CX500. The CX430 only has 28A, but should still be sufficient with that graphics card.
  2. XFX>Corsair>OCZ>Tauro IN MY OPINION
    All XFX PSUs are made by Seasonic.
    If the Corsair and XFX unit is the same price then get the XFX one. CoreXStream from OCZ is pretty 'old' now.
  3. yea my vote for the xfx too, but id just get the cheapest one because the 7770 is not the most power hungry card
  4. completelyrandomname said:
    XFX>Corsair>OCZ>Tauro IN MY OPINION

    Mine as well.

    Also looked up the 12V amps for the OCZ and Tauro. The OCZ has 37A, which is slightly higher than the XFX. The Tauro has 32A, which means it's overrated at 500W.
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