HAF-X vs CM Storm Stryker

I need some help deciding between the HAF-X and the CM Storm Stryker. They both look nice but IMO the Stryker looks a bit better but I want a case that will last and have good airflow to the components, would there be a big difference between these 2 cases? I will be using the case for gaming mainly and want a case that will last me a long time, so that I will be able to have several builds in it and it will be easy to upgrade parts.

Thanks in advance
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  1. had the haf x

    now got the stormtrooper which is the stryker in black

    haf x was a very good case

    but would have to say the trooper/stryker is even better
  2. Storm Stryker. I love cases with handles, especially big cases. So troublesome to carry them without a handle.
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    Got a HAF-X myself, love the thing.

    In terms of air cooling, there shouldnt be any real difference between them. More airflow beyond a point just doesn't do anything. Water-cooling support is the real difference between the cases. The Stryker cant hold a triple rad at the top, the HAF-X can.

    So if water isnt a concern, go with whichever you think looks better. There will be no real difference between the two once you close the side panel. If custom water is a concern, then go for the HAF-X.
  4. You meant natively. With a bit of modification, you can fit a triple radiator at the top of the Stryker.
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