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I am about to put together my first build together tomorrow with the M5A99FX PRO R2.0. I have seen the newegg videos on building computers but I am a little confused on installing the drivers. The newegg video says you only need the audio, chipset, LAN, and USB drivers. Are these really the only ones I will need? because on the asus website there are a couple others on there you can download as well. Also on each individual category of driver on the asus website (chipset, audio, etc) there are several versions of the drivers available to download, do I only need the most recent ones? Wouldn't it just be easier to install the drivers off the disc? Or would I see any real performance decrease if I do that?
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  1. Those drivers are really all you need for the mobo itself. You should always download the most current version of the drivers from Asus as the drivers on the disc are probably outdated.

    If you have questions regarding the others on the Asus site, let us know which ones you need info for.

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