Graphics card not working after driver installation

Hi there,

First off, my components:

cpu: AMD FX-6350
mobo: Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3
gpu: MSI Radeon HD 7850 Twin Frozr 2GD5/OC
ram: G.Skill DDR3-2133 2x4gb
psu: Seasonic X750
hdd: Hitachi 500gb 2.5in (from Macbook Pro)

Now for the issue:

-This is a brand new build (my first!), so this is a fresh install of Windows 7 Pro.

-Every time I install the graphics card drivers, (tried most recent and oldest drivers I could find) it hangs on the Starting Windows screen. I restore to a previous time and try installing any mobo drivers first-- I get the same hang up.

-Tried both DVI and HMDI from 7850 to monitor. Mobo does not have any video out.

-I've read that it could be because my PSU is faulty when trying to provide full power to the card. But I'm not quite sure how to test this without another PSU.

Any suggestions??

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  1. Pull the 7850 & try the mobo vid output
  2. Mobo does not have any video out, unfortunately.
  3. Sorry you did say that. My fault. Maybe try a different pcie slot for your card?
  4. The order for installation is:
    1. Windows 7.
    2. Motherboard drivers. (chipset, lan, audio, etc.)
    3. Latest WHQL drivers from Nvidia.
    4. Let Windows finish it's updates.
    5. Antivirus / antimalware software installation.
  5. I just tried installing the drivers through a different PCIe slot, no success.

    I booted into safe mode and tried opening AMD Catalyst. Recieved the following message:

    "No AMD graphics drivers installed, or the AMD driver is not functioning properly. Please install the AMD driver appropriate for your AMD hardware."

    However, I can see the card under Device Manager.

    @johnnyq1223 - So you're saying I should install the drivers before I let windows finish the rest of its updates? Also, the mobo drivers on the included disk are only a few miscellaneous programs, nothing that seems terribly important.

    Thanks for your help!!
  6. Bump.

    Would it be a good idea to update the BIOS as well? I looked on Gigabyte's website and their updates don't look all that related to my problem.
  7. Was your windows 7 pro version newly bought for this build ? OEM or RETAIL
    hdd: Hitachi 500gb 2.5in (from Macbook Pro) <is this new?
  8. Sorry didn't see that you have a Radeon.. but substitute that for the Nvidia in my response item 3.
    Your chipset drivers are on that motherboard disk and this tells your system what hardware is on your motherboard and how to manage it.
    In other words, if the chipset drivers are not installed you'll never be able to install a graphics card because the chipset will not know what to do with the data.
    I'm also curious about the "MacBook pro" hdd. Why?
  9. It's okay, I knew what you meant! ;)

    I replaced my MBP with an SSD so I just had the HDD lying around! I'm gonna tuck it away in the 5.25" bays until I can afford another SSD.

    I can try the latest chipset drivers found here, but what I meant was that the chipset drivers on the disk were only "Easytune 6", or something silly like that. I will try this when I get home.

    However, I did RMA my MSI 7850 because it was only 30 days since I purchased it. And I already received my new card: XFX 7870 Double-D Ghz Edition (slight upgrade, YAY!)

    STILL BSOD!! I suppose the chipset drivers could be at fault, but I was also told it could be the PSU not being able to supply full power for some reason. Especially since my new card needs TWO 6-pin power.

    My PSU is at it's 30 day return limit TODAY! So I need to make moves, me thinks. I will probably just RMA the PSU just in case (maybe another mini-upgrade!), and try the chipset drivers before I send it out.

    Thanks for all your help!!

    Oh, strange side note.. I was using an ATI FirePro V3750 a friend let me try, and it seemed to get the furthest of all the cards I've tried. Furthest meaning, it actually loaded past "Starting Windows" and almost loaded into my desktop, until it froze or half the screen went black. I think it might be a power issue, because that V3750 does NOT require ANY extra power. Is my logic here misguided??
  10. If it doesn't need extra power connectors then the motherboard supplies all the power that card needs.
    And yes those are the ones you need on that link.
    It's funny though, when I built my system the mobo disk starts a utility to install the drivers for the motherboard as soon as I insert the disk.
    Hopefully you'll get this running right soon.
  11. Well... More bad news..

    Swapped the PSU for a brand new Corsair AX760, installed drivers and...... BSOD (;_;)

    However, I haven't tried a fresh install of Windows.. since this was at 2AM-- I was just so excited to swap the PSU and try it.

    Going to try a fresh install this weekend though, along with several different versions of the drivers.

    Anyone have any other options or possible faulty hardware? Could the mobo itself be malfunctioning?

  12. Reset CMOS & pull the battery for an hour.
  13. Tried to reset BIOS to defaults.. no luck. Also updated to latest BIOS version, still getting BSOD.

    No luck with a clean install of Windows agian..

    Could the motherboard be at fault?? I feel like I'm running out of options here!
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