will upgrading from win7 32bit to win7 64bit keep all the registry files???

I'm running a windows 7 32bit on my gaming rig...I have 8gigs of RAM but shows only 3.5gigs usable due to the 32bit OS... I've heard that many 32bit applications can even run in 64bit...I have most of my applications installed in D drive only...
My question 1 is : Will the old win7 keep its registry even after upgrading for D applications or i have to just reinstall everything from the scratch???
My question 2:Is there any possibility of saving the registry of old win7 and copying over it to the new one???Will there be any problems??
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    32bit to 64bit is not an 'upgrade' but rather a reinstall.

    You will have to reinstall everything. Completely new registry.
    But you'll be glad you did.
  2. yes is possible but you have to make a back up to your register go to this website there is the instructions how to due, I hope this information will be useful.
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