A custom Water cooling kit for $150?

Im planning to buy an NZXT kraken x60. Im wondering if there is a good water cooling kit for the cpu for the same price sa x60?
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    XSPC Raystorm 750 RS240 kit + Free Biocide (Deadwater). $145
    Throw in another $3 for some distilled water from your local supermarket.

    Its a good way to get started with custom water-cooling, though if you want to expand from that and include things like GPU's, you have to spend a bit bigger and get better pumps and radiators. So if water-cooling a GPU as well as CPU is a concern, you would be wanting a kit more like this.
    Spending the money now will save you in the long run, I'm learning that now since I'm trying to upgrade from that first kit I recommended (except was the 360mm rad version).
  2. Can i move the pc around if i use that kit?
  3. Yes. It'll obviously be heavier, though.
  4. @ihog Oh i see. Do i have to remove the water in the loop? I think i might go with that XSPC kit.
    @manofchalk what are your temps with the 240 kit?
  5. Just to move it? Nah.
  6. If you were travelling long distance it might be worth draining the loop, but for a 10 minute drive it should be fine.

    I got the RS360 kit, but that wont change anything. Once you have enough rad space, more doesn't do anything.
    Before I got the water cooling, my 212 EVO was giving me 25°C at idle and 65°C under load. After the water I was getting 15°C idle and 45°C Load. Ambient temperature must have been fairly cold, guessing somewhere between 5-10°C.

    You can read my build log (in my sig) for more information on my loop and how it was made.
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