Sapphire HD 7950 2L vs 3L vs 4L....

what is the difference between the 2L, the 3L and the 4L? and which is better
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  1. Read the specs sheets....

    The 4L clearly has a reference blower.and the 3L has different cooler and connections. They are all the same spec... Which one ifs "better" I up to you
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    2l is sapphires mid/late 2012 dual-x fan. 3l is the newer non reference dual-x fan revision with different connections, 4l is an AMD reference board, except its a 7950 built ontop of a 7970 pcb. 4l's target audience is for people who want to use their own aftermarket cooler/gpu block as it most likely has the highest potential of a good clock.
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