DVD drive update IDE to SATA

I'm attempting to install a SATA DVD drive on my HP Compaq DX6120ST desktop.
The old IDE DVD drive is refusing to open without a paper clip nudge in the front panel!
I'm happy with the PC and don't really want/need to change anything other than the faulty DVD drive.

I have 2 SATA hard drives using the 2 available SATA ports on the motherboard, one 120GB SSD drive for my Windows 8 Pro 32bit system files plus programs, and one 7200rpm 320GB drive for my documents.

I've installed a Silicon Image 3512 SATA Link PCI card to provide the additional SATA port for the DVD drive. There are 4 jumpers on the card allowing use of the eSATA port and Raid options. Note, I only need the non-raid option.
Windows 8 Pro reports that the Storage Controller is working OK, but I'm having problems!

After much experimentation with jumper settings I have finally got the system to recognise that there is a DVD drive installed, but it insists on being the Boot device! I change the Boot Order to boot off the hard drive but it insists that there is a non-system disk in the empty DVD drive!

What am I doing wrong?

I can't see the option for attaching files so I've put a system report image up on Flikr, at
Note that I've re-installed my old DVD drive at this point in time.


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  1. Have you tried temporarily disconnecting your 320 Gb HD and connecting the new DVD drive straight to your MB? If it works then perhaps there is a driver/compatibility problem with the PCI SATA adapter. Generally, you do want the DVD drive to be the first option in the Boot order. When the BIOS see's there is nothing in it or a non-bootable disk in the drive, it ignores it and move's on to the next in the list, your SSD.
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    Did you go to Silicon image's web site and confirm that you have the newest driver that is compatible with windows 8 ?
  3. Interesting, a bit of lateral thinking!
    And it worked!

    DVD (SATA) now plugged into the motherboard, and the 320GB drive plugged into the PCI/SATA card. Both appear to be working OK.

    Now I just have to work out how to correct the drive mapping as my documents drive is now Drive E: with the DVD drive taking over drive D:
    My libraries are mapped to drive D:

    Thanks very much for the quick and correct answer!

  4. Mapping all fixed, thanks avjguy2362 for your help!

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