In which Build will get the Most Perfomance in Games Opinion/Help [Solved]

hello this summer im gonna upgrade my PC but i dont really know which build would be the best (FPS whise) while playing on the highest graphics settings.

My Specs at the moment:
Resolution: 1280x1024
CPU : Amd Athlon II x4 640 3.0ghz
Graphics Card : Sapphire radeon 6870 1gb
Windows 7
6gb Ram
PSU 530W 80Plus Be quiet
I would upgrade with an intel core i5-3570k + 8gb Ram + Cpu Cooler+Mobo+OS+Case = 558Euros
Sapphire radeon 7950 3gb + 8gb Ram+Case+Mobo+OS = 597Euros

My Budget Range is 590Euros.

I've tried doing a Build with a CPU and Graphics card but if i'd get an i5 cpu + 7850 1gb it would be over 640Euros for me and if i get an i3-3220 + 7850 1gb then i dont know if its worth it because of the I3.

My question is which of those two Builds will give me the most perfomance in FPS while playing on the highest settings.(Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft, Battlefield 3,Metro 2033) and just all the new games out there.

I would appreciate the help/advices :)
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  1. Of the games you just listed, the first two are CPU bound and the last wto are GPU bound... That makes it a bit more difficult :lol:.

    It depends. If your looking for more performance now, get the GPU upgrade. It will be bottlenecked without doubt by the CPU, but you should see an appreciable upgrade in performance. If you ever get around to upgrading the CPU later on, you will get its full performance.
    You could also include the CPU cooler on this upgrade so you can overclock, which will mean that the CPU bottleneck will be somewhat alleviated. Dont bother getting a new motherboard.

    If your willing to wait longer for even more performance, go the CPU route and get a new GPU later on.
  2. drop the cooler and the case.
    what case do you have? why can't you reuse that?
    wouldn't touch a 3220.
    at 1200 res you're on the edge with the video card. is that a 2gig model?
  3. Best answer
    1) The games you're playing are CPU bound. That means that even with a great graphics card, if you don't have enough CPU muscle to handle a lot of on-screen objects, you'll still get nasty fps drops.

    2) The i3 is no better for gaming than a $100 Pentium, for the same reason the i7 isn't any better than the i5.

    I suggest you go with the i5 rig, because IF the graphics are disappointing, upgrading a graphics card is MUCH easier to do than a CPU, and there's a massively larger market for second hand graphics cards.

    That being said, the games you're playing also aren't very graphics intense anyways - WoW can be maxxed on a 9800GT, and starcraft isn't far behind.

    Metro 2033 you can give up on playing at max settings - nothing can, because it's very poorly coded. Battlefield 3 would be silly to play at max settings at the cost of FPS (and again, multiplayer wants a beefy CPU), so just get the i5 and play at the settings you can hit 60 fps reliably at.
  4. I thought Metro 2033 was intensive because it just hammers the memory aspect of the card, which is why typically Radeon cards with their wider memory bus' perform better than Nvidia in it.
    GTA IV is a game thats poorly coded, you can throw anything at it and it will have poor performance.

    The Witcher 2's Ubersampling, more intensive than Crysis 3 :P.
  5. That's part of Metro's issues, but it has more than that. :P

    Also, you speak of what doesn't exist. Be careful, lest your head become parted from your neck.
  6. If he's going to keep playing at 1280x1024, the CPU upgrade is all that makes sense. The 7850 will already run stuff so fast at this resolution that you won't notice a difference between that and the 7950. If possible, get a nicer monitor (even just a 900p one would be a massive upgrade) instead of a new case.

  7. Damn, didnt even notice the resolution.

    Yep, CPU upgrade.
  8. Okay then im gonna get the 3570k rig thank you everyone :)
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