which is better NVIDIA GeForce 620 or NVIDIA 8800 GT

Hi, I am getting a new computer and I was wondering which of these two are better for gaming, NVIDIA GeForce 620 or NVIDIA 8800 GT? or are those even for gaming at all? I don't know much about computers
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  1. In regard to overall performance, the 8800GT would be the superior performer. It actually performs similarly to the GT 640.
  2. What games are you hoping to play with those cards? They are pretty old but before my update I played Batman Arkham City with the 8800 GT without problems. Couldn't play Skyrim though. Remember 8800 GT is a DX10 card.
  3. How about a AMD Radeon HD 7570? would that be good for gaming?
  4. Both aren't for gaming. I suggest at least a HD 7770 or a GTX 650 as a bare minimum if you want to play computer games.
  5. That mod for Minecraft seems to be pretty gpu intensive. Shaders have always been gpu intensive. Also, the author said that it was made for high-spec systems. GT620 and 8800GT are low end cards and you will probably get low fps if you intend to use that mod.
  6. As far as I can figure out about that mod is that the 8800 GT is minimum requirements so you will probably be able to run the game but I don't know how well... If I were you I would go to the minecraft forum and ask around.
  7. 8800 GT is a DX10 era card not DX9...
    If you get this card and keep it clean then your temps will be good. Get Riva Tuner for overclocking and unlink the core from the shader clock then nuke the shader. The 8800gt (same as 65nm 9800gt) will easily outrun a GT640 but uses more power, the 1GB editions are the best.
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