HDD wont pickup but computer won't work without

I recently bought a whole bunch of new computer parts. Whilst assembling I dropped the Hard drive disk and it's broken and will be getting a new one. I plugged it and my SSD in and installed windows 8. To no surprise the HDD was broken and didn't show up so as far as I knoweverything was installed onto my SSD. I then proceeded by taking out my HDD and for some reason I got an error saying that I had not installed windows 8 nor did I have any operating system material in the dvd tray. I then put in windows 8 without my hard drive with just my SSD running but it said that it could not and needed to be "unlocked"
My SSD is a OCZ Vector and I am completely lost on how to fix this. I then plugged in my seemingly broken HDD and my computer started up fine If anyone knows how I can fix this and preferably without losing my files (which are all stored on my SSD for the time being) I would be extremely grateful
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    Since it is working fine with your HDD installed, does "my computer" show the SSD? What is you boot order in the BIOS?
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