How to update bios of Dell Precision T5400?

How to update Dell Precision T5400 Bios .

My dell T5400 -showing a error message -that processor installed is not supported .
But i am able to run the system in windows vista .

I think .I need to update the bios . MY bios version is A00 and I need bios update of A11 .

i got a bious file t5400.exe from dell.



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  1. I'll give this a shot since no one is helping you! Usually in the BIOS there is a "Tools" section that has a BIOS update program. The modern way to do this is to put the new BIOS file on a USB stick. The Bios update program will detect the USB stick and display the file to be executed. It will usually read the file first for errors and then ask you several times if you are sure you want to do this! Select Yes and it does the rest. It will then restart and you must then verify or set any BIOS settings to the proper values. If you are unsure of this. Go into the BIOS and familiarize yourself with all of the values on each page, including Boot order, CPU and RAM settings. In general if you never modified anything in your BIOS the standard setting may be proper, but I would not count on that. Some Bios Tools use floopy disks or CD/DVD or the choice of all three. The USB stick is easiest, so if you have that choice, choose it! The Floppy disk was the old standard and may have extra steps and uses a different "Tool". The main thing is to familiarize yourself with your BIOS so you feel comfortable making any necessary changes before you actually do it. Since Dell is providing the BIOS for your machine instead of the MB manufacturer, they probably have most of settings correct for you, but if there were several versions of your machine, you may have to make some changes. Hope that helps!
  2. Hello avjguy2362, thanks for you reply . yes preferred the usb drive of the bios update

    . but one of the problem was --- one of the error massage ,which is showing to me at the start of the CPU -

    CPU is starting with the windows but showing one Error message -that install processor is not supported.

    There is two intel xeon processor. the problem occurred when i upgrade the processor to intel xeon E5440 . and i installed one intel xeon E5440 . and another is emty.

    Anyway thanks for your reply.

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