bfg 9600gt helppp

my bfg 9600gt OC editon (kinda old yeah but it can run battlefield 3 in medium in 40fps+) has a problem whenever i play some games like GTA IV the monitor shuts off but sounds is playing in the background numlock is working and i need to reset it to make it work again and sometimes i plug and unplug the 6 pin its not working... but when i remove the 6 pin it boots and runs. after i shutdown replug its not working again. and im just rotating the 6 pin power cable to make it tight and its working again and sometimes the monitor shut off again im so frustrated,,
i dont have money yet to buy a new card

my psu is 600w with 30amps on 12 volts what seems to be the probleM?? :??:
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  1. Your 9600 GT could be overheating and causing graphics output to fail. Or it could be nearing the end of its life.

    Does this problem occur only in GTA IV?
  2. no its not overheating because when i run furmark the highest temp is only 64C for 3 hours..and its happening in every game and sometimes while im surfing the net its,, random.
  3. It's probably a hardware problem, but you'll have to troubleshoot and single out what component is causing it. Switch out a part with something older and see if the problem still occurs.
  4. sorry for the late reply but i replace it with gt610 and no problem anymore ,,,and then i switch back the problem still occurs
  5. So the problem lies with the 9600GT. Replace it.
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