i5 3470 vs i5 3570K performance diffeerence?

is there any difference in performance between the as my mate wants to bbuild a PC but he didnt know what overclocking was so im assuming he wont be doing it
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  1. there is very minmal difference between them at stock.if he donot oc then get i5 3470 as it can handle any games.

    Good luck!
  2. there no big difference except the fact that the 3570k can be oc while the 3470 not!the price difference is not huge as the performance!
  3. Yea I know price difference isn't much, I'll link a ad on eBay I found to see if you guys think its any good for the price :)
  4. I wouldn't buy a computer that doesn't tell you what the motherboard is.
  5. Yea I know but otherwise it it alrighty or would it be better the build it himself?
  6. It's almost always better to build it yourself.
  7. Okay thanks
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