which is best motherboard for gaming and fast with lot of features

I want to buy motherboard under 100 dollar which is best motherboard for gaming and fast with lot of features.moreover this board should have built in best graphics and best sound too.this board would be support ddr3 memory and intel i7.please recommend me good motherboard.
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  1. How many times can you say best? First of all, less than $100 won't give you the best in any of those categories. And second, what socket are you using?
  2. You can't get the best for under $100 especially for an Intel CPU. Asrock is probably the best when it comes to cheap motherboards so I would look there.
  3. first motherboards are not "fast". Second the GPU is on the,CPU. Not the board. And if you're using it with an i7 you're doing it wrong.

    Speaking of which an i7 is usually a bad choice. You're not getting "the best" sound at $100. Although all built in sound is fine. You dont even say what features....

    tell us you're country, and what you're actually trying to do, and the rest of your parts.
  4. unksol said:
    all built in sound is fine.

    I would beg to differ.
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