Spare CPU coolers- useless?


I recently built my first computer by upgrading part by part from my old one, now i have a spare stock CPU cooler and i'm never going to use it. Is it in anyway possible to incorporate this into my new rig? As an extra fan perhaps? would this be advisable?

Thanks for any advice
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  1. Well if you case has a slot to fit that size of fan you could use it. I doubt the cable is long enough though. I think you should just keep it as a backup incase the fan dies on your current heat sink.
  2. Yeah, seems like a good call. Was hoping someone had a crazy idea, like glue it to the casing or something, but i suppose when your talking about expensive hardware crazy might no be the best idea...
  3. Ya you can use it for extra ventilation once the case can support it... if you cant plug it on the board because the cord is to short then you can always plug it on the psu... remember black is ground, yellow is 12v and red is 5v.
    Thats what i did on my build currently have 3 fans 1 at the back for exhaust, 2 on the side panel 1 exhaust 1 intake.
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    Maybe, but unlikely.

    I have Tuniq Tower in both my primary PC and HTPC for LGA 775 CPUs. When I upgrade them, there will be no more use for them. However, since a Tuniq Tower weights is at over 1.5lbs of metal (~ 775 grams), I can always use one to bludgeon someone I don't like to death...
  5. @jaguarskx: haha nice, but i see your point, they have served their use and are no longer needed...

    Cheers for your advice guys, i guess ill chuck them. Although i don't live in the best of areas, it might actually be worth keeping it for the bludgeoning idea.
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