Lenovo WD Internal HD not showing C drive any more

Dear Experts
Here is how it happened:
1. I had OS start up issue, but my Data was showing fine when I checked it with 'Mini XP OS' tool in bootable disc. There were two partitions : C Drive for program & data, E Drive for Lenovo Driver and tool
2. Tried to fix OS issue with Lenovo Rescue and Recovery Disc
3. Now only E: Drive shows up not C. Looks like partition has become corrupt

Please advise. Do I need 'Easeus partition recovery' tool ? What would help me see C: Drive so that I can retrieve my personal data ? Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.

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    I've used WD HDDs exclusively for over 15 years. Until recently, every failure has been in the boot sector of the HDD. When that happens the data is still readable. My solution has always been to install a new drive and OS. After the installation is complete install the old drive as a second HDD and migrate the data as needed.
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