Need some advice

Currently running
AMD FX-8120 CPU(stock)
EVGA GTX 650 ti
I can upgrade to a 8350 or 660 ti (Can't get both atm),but was wondering which would give me a better fps increase off the back, with World Of Warcraft being the game I will play most.
Or buy the i5 3750k (will have to use the 650 ti for the time being )Would it be THAT much of a difference from the 8350 with the same card
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  1. Wow is very cpu dependant but 8350 and 660 ti would be better.
    If you can sell the gtx 650 ti, Get an i5 3570k and a gtx 660.
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    well, stock 660 (non-ti) will not boost that much and even if you go for it you wont notice the difference.
    I'd say go for the cpu first (thinking you play mostly WoW)
    But if you want an upgrade for the gpu also, go for at least 660ti or 7870xt. that will make you see the actual difference... no need to spend money for reference gtx660 chipset.

    3570k is a very good cpu but you need to change your motherboard too, which will cost more cash.
    go for amd cpu and save some money to get a amd hd7870xt gpu... (7870xt is a direct competent for gtx670, better than gtx660ti and costs a lot less)



    (note1: also if you are not going to overclock no need to pick "k" versions of intel cpu's.)
    (note2: 8350 and 8320 are typically the same cpu's with same features only difference is 8350 is clocked at higher frequency, if you want to save
    cash you can 8320 and easily overclock it to 4.0GHz with Hyper212Evo air cooler for 20-30$ which will be better option imo)
  3. 1)get new cpu i.e fx 8350

    2)sell gtx 650ti and get new gpu i.e gtx 660,hd 7870
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