Please help me!

Help me plz
i just brough a sappire hd 7970 3gb ddr5
I folo the quick installation guide.
It told me to locate the slotcard firmly into pci slot
I did after i press power on switch, my screen " no video input" black screen
My keyboard still have light, fans are working.
I tried removing the sappire hd my pc just work fine.
How the hell can i install the software when my screen only show no video input?

Help me please!!!!
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    1)Remove the gpu , plug monitor cable to mobo's onboard output

    2)start pc - go to device manager - display - uninstall whichever drivers is

    3)restart pc - put gpu back
  2. Devicr manager

    Display adapters - standard vga grapic adapter only have this.

    I just remove that???
  3. no donot remove it and tell us whole pc specs
  4. Gigabyte z77x ud3h
    I5 3570k
    Kingston ddr3 4gb x2
    Fsb 650w
    Win 7 64bit home
    The the 1 i cant install sapphire hd7970
  5. 1)please check 6 pin connector is connected to gpu from psu

    2)go to bios settings - set primary display device to PEG OR PCI E

    3)make sure you have connected vga or dvi cable from GPU to monitor not onboard on mobo to monitor

    4)and last Update your bios to latest
  6. I fucking love u i spend 2 hour trying to solve it.
  7. thanks always welcome to thf!
  8. Once restart no video input again.
  9. lol what you didd first which worked?
  10. Gpu to monitor
  11. something is wrong with cable,try to see again
  12. Thank youuuuu!!! I love u no gay btw lol
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