Pentium 4 HT 3.06Ghz which GPU would be better?

:hello:, i have an old intel pentium 4 524 3.06ghz HT 533mhz(fsb) prescott CPU , PCI-E x16 1.0 slot and 2Gigs of DDR2 ram. For example if i put in it a 9600GT 1GB i will get a 30fps in GTA IV(for example, on low settings) and if i will put in a GTX series(gtx240,gtx550 etc.) 1GB Graphics card, will it perform any faster like 40fps? or will it decrease my performance? i dont really care about bottlenecks. just dont tell me to upgrade... i will get a better pc but for now i have this crap, so... :D Any suggestions? if so i will buy a new PSU for that card and the card. :ouch:
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  1. I doubt a better videocard such as a 240 or 550 will help, seeing as that game is ridiculously CPU bound, and you have a P4. I find it hard to believe that it even gets you 30fps on low settings.
  2. Is your CPU at 100% with the 9600GT while playing GTA IV? I would say that you will probably see an improvement with a GTX-series card. Can't say what kind of FPS improvement you'll see, though.
  3. You'll encounter a significant CPU bottleneck with whatever card you choose. Likely only going to get about 50% of the performance of the card if that. But if you're really considering buying a card now that you'll reuse when you build a new rig, then get something somewhat substantial. I wouldn't do anything lower than a 550Ti or a 7770.
  4. but for now what card should i buy for this pc? for normal performance :| i play other games too.
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    None. Don't throw any money into that system. It's a much better idea to just start saving up for a new computer.
  6. what about GT 240 1GB? im not gonna play new games on it. but when i will buy a new pc it will be like i3, gt630 2gb, 4gb ram.. then i will maybe upgrade it more.
  7. Upgrading your graphics card now can improve game performance only to the extent where it gets bottlenecked by the CPU.

    Since you will be using an i3 in the future, it won't be much of a waste to upgrade the graphics card now.

    Get something like the GTX 650 Ti Boost, great value for money. You won't be able to fully utilize it with the Pentium 4, but you can transfer it to your new PC in the future. And when you add another similar card to SLI, you have a very powerful gaming pc.

    But if you want to cut down on redundancy and cost for the most effective solution now, a HD 7750 is significantly more powerful than your 9600 GT, consumes less power, and can be had for less than $100.
  8. Ok. Thanks
  9. no but i want to know on this pc . NOW i have radeon x1300 512mb , and which card would be faster 9600GT or GT240 with p4 which one gives more fps?
  10. Your X1300 is like from the stone age.

    The 9600GT is faster than the GT240, but by only a small margin.

    The HD 7750 is wayyyyy ahead of both.
  11. There is little point in upgrading to anything past a 9600GT right now.

    Your P4 will bottleneck pretty much everything above.

    GTAIV is a VERY CPU heavy game, and as a result your 30fps will be the same whether you have a 9600GT or a GTX Titan.
  12. and i can run gta iv on that x1300 at 20 30fps :D . but what i need to do there is a bug when i driving a car and i hit to anything like a wall, it becomes damaged, yes? but for me it shows like specular is messed up it is a light on the car top and the other car parts seems darker just top of the car is light and when this happens it drops to 9fps wtf is going on? it goes on like this on gta iv and eflc but i tried gta iv with patch no bugs everything works as it should. this is only when i install patch it gives more fps but this car damage bug appears does anyone know how to fix it ? the same in eflc when i damage the car, just a little hit to the wall or another car and it becomes bugged , another car also. no mods. its something with SHADERS folder. when i replaced shaders with shaders it goes normal no bug but fps is less so wtf? :x
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