Help with Water Cooling Component Order

Hello, i need help figuring out the order that i should place my components in my custom watercooling build.

Before i start, my specs are (jic) :

AMD FX8350 8 Core CPU
16GB Corsair Vengeance RAM
Asus Crosshair V Formula Z Mobo

Ive made a rough sketch of how the components will be placed, see below.

Also note that the CPU Waterblock and pump are combined with the swiftech Apogee Drive ii.

Radiator : Black Ice 360mm
Motherboard Waterblock : EK
CPU Waterblock : Swiftech Apogee Drive ii
Pump : Swiftech Apogee Drive ii
GPU Waterblock : Swiftech Komodo

Click here for image (Sorry, it wont let me paste an image!!)

Thank you all in advance.
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  1. You want to make sure your reservoir is higher up than your pump - that's the issue I was having with an Apogee in my Bitfenix Prodigy.
  2. The help i need is understanding how the should tube the setup up. In what order?
  3. That's your choice, but try to make as short of connections as possible without crossing them.

    I'd go Res > Pump > GPU > Motherboard > Radiator > back to Res.
  4. Agree with DarkSable, that's how I would do it as well.
  5. manofchalk said:
    Agree with DarkSable, that's how I would do it as well.

    *Bow* Sensai approves!
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