XFX Radeon 7970 game/system crashes

Hello, I've recently bought parts for an entirely new system and its stable so long as I'm not gaming. Heaven benchmark runs flawlessly for hours, FurMark + primes95 runs for hours (I would assume that would be maximum power draw), FarCry 2 benchmark also runs for hours. Also memtest86 runs fine.

The problem I have is when I try to game. It seems to be game specific (the worst offenders are: Warframe, Dead Island, Bioshock Infinite, and Saints Row the Third), but these games consistantly crash between 5-30 minutes of loading them up. Almost every time it's a soft lock where I can hear the audio still playing but graphics is frozen. Half the time its "Your graphics card has stopped functioning but has recovered", and once it's looped the last bit of audio and I had to reboot the system.

I'm running the latest 13.3 beta drivers (was 13.1), on a clean install of Windows 8 64-bit. I have my mobo drivers to the most recent non-beta version and all of windows updates as well.

PC Specs:
Gigabyte h77n-wifi mini-itx mobo
XFX radeon 7970 black edition 3gb
corsair vengeance 1600mhz ram
seagate 2tb 7200rpm drive
Rosewill hive 80 650 bronze PSU
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  1. Well I am running the 13.1 drivers with no problems however it could be a faulty GPU and you my have to RMA it.
  2. To me it sounds like a graphics driver issue. Did this issue happen with the 13.1 driver? Have you tried to run an older driver version to see if that helps?

    many "your graphics card has stopped working but has recovered" issues have to do with driver problems. make sure you GPU is not overclocked because this can cause the same error.
  3. @bgunner: Yes, this happened with 13.1, I wouldn't have risked installing beta drivers otherwise. I haven't tried to run an older version, people on forms seems to stand by 13.1 being really stable. Also it comes factory overclocked, but I've downclocked it 20% (5% to reference clocks then another 15% for good measure) just to make sure that wasn't the issue.
  4. FYI... just because AMD says that the driver supports and is stable in certain cards doesn't make it true. For my 5770 the last stable driver was 12.8. everything newer causes game or graphics crashes. As for your GPU I believe it was supported in older drivers, 12.10 and newer for sure, so give one of them a whirl. this will let you know if it is a driver issue or a GPU issue.
  5. Thanks, I'll try finding the 'oldest' driver for my GPU and rolling up from there.
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