ASUS DirectCU ii OC GTX 680 OC questions.

I picked up a 2GB ASUS DirectCUii GTX 680 this weekend since I had heard amazing things about this card. After getting it home and starting to overclock it, I hit a wall much sooner than I had anticipated. I am wondering what kind of clocks I should be getting. I made the choice to switch to a GTX 680 because the 480's run hot. 90C steady in my air cooled system. They kept my front room at 80F all winter. I had roughly 20% gains on my friend's stock clocked 680, so I was expecting to at least match my 480's after bumping this card up a bit.

Current 680 Clock.

Heaven 3.0 Benches
2x GTX 480 in SLi @ 750 MHz

ASUS DirectCU ii OC GTX 680

I play games like:
- Planetside 2
- Tera Online
- Metro 2033
- Battlefield 3

I know that 30+ FPS is more than enough, but I hate the low end drops below 30FPS. I just can't justify spending over $500 for a decrease in performance.

Are the GTX 680+ cards going to clock much higher in the end? I'm getting close with this ASUS to where I would like to be, but I can't seem to squeeze anything else out of it. Suggestions on other 680's are welcome. Personally, I don't care for ATI cards due to a bad experience in the recent past, so please refrain from telling me to pick up a 7970 ;)
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  1. THose clocks actually aren't that bad. Some people are getting upwards of 1300 or a little more, but that's with a custom bios. I would say you're doing ok, every card overclocks a little differently.
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