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My laptop goes to a white screen from the time I turn it on. I am not even able to to see the boot up process. I plugged an external monitor to it and when I turned it on that time the external monitor only displays the Windows loading but not the boot up process. The laptop screen remains white all the time.

Another issue is that my keyboard has messed up too displaying wrong characters and i tried all the num lock and keyboard troubleshooting but nothing.

I have Windows 7 Ultimate latest Service Pack.
Laptop model: SAMSUNG R719
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  1. Sounds like your display adapter is bad. Since it's integrated into the board's circuitry, I'm afraid you will need a new board from the sound of things. The fact that your keyboard is having problems too alludes to a bad keyboard controller, which would further allude to a faulty system board.
  2. Do you have any idea of why this might happened?
  3. Perhaps shock or heat damage? Heat plays a vital role, and it doesn't even need to OVERheat. Frequent shutting down from extended use will incur chip creep, which is very common.

    It's hard to nail down definitively (especially without inspection). Sometimes components just fail [electrically] as well.
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